Commercial & Residential building wire, Metal Clad & Armor,
TC Power & Control cable.

Cable Pulling, Crimping and Hole Making Equipment.

Cable-Tray & Strut Systems, Spring Steel Fasteners, Electrical Enclosures, Meter Enclosures, Wireway, Telecom Equipment and Anchor Systems.

Plastic Conduit and Fittings, Non-Metallic Products, Weather
Proof Covers and Plastic Outlet Boxes.

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Devices.

Steel & Non-Metallic Switch & Outlet Boxes, Meyers Hubs, EMT Fittings, Rigid/IMC Fittings, Liquid Tight Fittings, Cord & Cable Fittings, Conduit Bodies.

Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders.

Flexible Electrical Conduit. Steel, Aluminum, Non-Metallic.  Liquidtight, High Temp & High Flex.

Dry-Type Transformers.  DOE, Single and Three Phase, Ventilated, Non-Ventilated and Encapsulated Transformers.  Non-Linear, Drive Isolation, Industrial Control, Buck Boost, Class I Division 2, 18-Pulse, Medium Voltage, Harmonic Mitigation Transformers.

Fluorescent, HID & Electronic Ballasts, LED Lamps, Drivers,
Modules, Fluorescent Lamps, Sensors, Retrofit Kits.


Polaris Mechanical Connectors, Tork: Switches, Sensors, Photocontrols and Signaling Devices.  Easy-Twist Wire Connectors, Easy-Wrap Electrical Tape, Cable Ties and Mounts, Hardware, Tools, Testers and Firestop.

Electrical Conduit Fittings including Galvanized Elbows, Couplings and Nipples.  Complete EC&N package of Aluminum and Running Threaded Products.  Special Length Nipples, Long Radius Elbows and Custom Bending and Threading.

Outdoor Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Wallpacks, HID Floods,
Quartz Floods, Work Lights, Landscape Lighting, Incandescent Floods, Explosion Proof Fixtures, LED fixtures.

Batteries, Flashlights, Chemical (CRC), Fasteners,
Switches & Terminals.