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Encore Wire

Reel Size Calculator

Labor Savings using Encore Wire products

Encore Cyclone Barrel Packs

55 or 75 gallon barrels

No additional equipment

No tangles, no materials lost

Setup Time Saved, 75%

Pull Time Saved, 84%

Clean Up Time Saved, 50%

Encore Wire MC Barrel

Setup Time Saved, 71%

Pull Time Saved, 55%

Clean Up Time Saved, 45%

Encore PULLPro 250

Unique coil pattern allows for a tangle free and memory free pull.

Snaps together for a solid and steady pull.

Never loses balance and retains weight distribution during pull.

Available in 14 AWG through
10 AWG.

Encore Reel Payoff

Man-Hours Saved, 74%

Pull Time Saved, 65%

Clean Up Time Saved, 81%

Self-Spinning reel.

No jack stand needed.

Self-Spinning reel.

Single conductors or parallels.

Encore The Reel Deal

Man-Hours Saved, 70%

Pull Time Saved, 65%

Clean Up Time Saved, 81%

Pre-Loaded reels.

Access to all your parallels at any time regardless of pull sequence.

Optional pulling heads.

We can customize your Real Deal.