Labor Savings using Encore Wire products

Cyclone Barrel Packs

55 or 75 gallon barrels

No additional equipment

No tangles, no materials lost

Setup Time Saved, 75%

Pull Time Saved, 84%

Clean Up Time Saved, 50%

Encore Wire MC Barrel

Setup Time Saved, 71%

Pull Time Saved, 55%

Clean Up Time Saved, 45%


Unique coil pattern allows for a tangle free and memory free pull.

Snaps together for a solid and steady pull.

Never loses balance and retains weight distribution during pull.

Available in 14 AWG through
10 AWG.

Reel Payoff

Man-Hours Saved, 74%

Pull Time Saved, 65%

Clean Up Time Saved, 81%

Self-Spinning reel.

No jack stand needed.

Self-Spinning reel.

Single conductors or parallels.

The Reel Deal

Man-Hours Saved, 70%

Pull Time Saved, 65%

Clean Up Time Saved, 81%

Pre-Loaded reels.

Access to all your parallels at any time regardless of pull sequence.

Optional pulling heads.

We can customize your Real Deal.